8 March

“Giving Value to Women”

March 3, 2011
Written/Photographed by CHIM Linna

International Women’s Day is a public holiday in Cambodia.We asked ten students “What does International Women’s Day mean to you?”

Huy Laline, 21, Year 4, Accounting Department 

“8 March is really important for females as it is celebrated for promoting gender equality in society. I am really proud to have this day for all women.”
Lun Kuncheat, 22, Year 3, Finance & Banking Department 

“I think that this 8 March Day is celebrated to show that men and women are equal to work in any sector. And I do support equal rights for men and women because men are not always stronger than women.”

Song Sophearak, 20, Year 1,English Literature Department 

“8 March is a day on which the Cambodian government gives women the rights to be equal with men as they are able to work the same as men even as a construction worker or civil servant.”

Sam Vannak, 20, Year I, Khmer Literature Department 

“I feel very special on this 8 March Day because I feel that my right is promoted.  Women and men’s rights are equal, but the most interesting thing is that women’s rights have one day of celebration and men have not.”

Hem Sambath, 23, Year 4, Management Department 

“I think this 8 March was created for giving value to women and they are also considered like mother of the world. “

Touch Rotha, 20, Year 3, Finance & Banking Department 

“I think that the International Women’s Rights Day has meaning to all women because that day reflects that women have the right to participate in any kind of work and  that some women still face a difficult life.  Therefore this day is celebrated for encouraging all women to struggle against obstacles in their daily life.”
Cheng Sokheng, 19, Year 1, Marketing Department 

“The 8 March is just the representative day for women; I think that the most important aspect is that women and men have equal rights in everyday life. The way we promote women’s rights to be equal with men is a right decision.”
Mom Sokoun, 20, Year 1, Khmer Literature Department 

“I think that this 8 March is very important for female as in the past, the women’s rights had not been promoted, but now it is promoted hence female and male’s rights are equal.”

Sorn Sabros, 21, Year 1, Management Department 

“I think that this 8 March is really good for all women in the whole country and it also promotes the women in this country as well as around the world to be equal with men.  This 8 March is created for women to show off their braveness and their own talents.”

Sok Chatha, 20, Year 1, Khmer Literature Department 

“I think that this day is really important because it is celebrated to give one special day to women and not to men.”

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