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Gender Democracy in Cambodia

Resource Governance in Cambodia


Policy for the Poor?

May 17, 2013 - Phnom Penh’s urban poor are under threat. Over the past two decades, 11% of the city’s current population has been displaced, often forcibly evicted, to poorer futures. A key government argument – when such arguments have been provided – has been that many of those affected have been illegal squatters, living on state public land. Habitually, however, there is no assessment of whether or not the occupants have rights to the land as legal possessors.
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By Nora Lindstrom


Indigenous People and Land Titling in Cambodia: A Study of Six Villages

- May 3, 2013 - This paper examines the ongoing land registration process in six indigenous villages in Cambodia’s northeast, with a focus on the new titling program. We conclude that there are key indicators that can predict IPs’ success or failure in obtaining a collective title. Those with the right markers are continuing toward their collective titles; those on the wrong side are struggling with external pressures on their land and misconceptions about the law.
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By Jeff Vize and Manfred Hornung more»


Study on Korean Investment in Cambodia: Moving Beyond Misconceptions

- Part 1: A critical review of Korean investment in Cambodia
Part 2: Kenertec- Case study of a mining investment in Cambodia
Part 3: MH Ethanol- Case study of a Korean agro-industrial investment in Cambodia
Korea was widely portrayed in recent years as one of the top investors in Cambodia, with its investment reaching record levels in 2007 and 2008. Its influence also became noticeably visible, from the ubiquitous broadcasting of Korean productions by Cambodian TV and radio channels to the increasing number of Korean-led ambitious real estate projects in Phnom Penh.
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By Ji-Sook Lee

Economy and Social Issues


Donor Playground Cambodia?

June 17, 2011 - What a look at aid and development in Cambodia confirms and what it may imply

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Adam Fforde & katrin Seidel



Climate policy active NGOs and movements are fragmented and characterized by heterogeneous interests. Cleavages exist in important issues and the choice of strategies. A discussion of complementary strategies and division of labor is an urgent need.

June 17, 2011 - Download full publication Barbara Unmüßig
Asia Perspective Dossier: Stolen land, stolen elections?
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2. Impression from the launch of the women' s leadership study on 16 August 2011

UNRISD Research and Policy Brief No. 11 "Religion, Politics and Gender Equality

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Women's Voices Women's Choices
The radio program "Women's Voices, Women's Choices" will be broadcasted in Khmer Language every two weeks on Sunday from 11am to 12am on FM 93.5. It addresses various topics such as education, living standard, small business, women’s rights, environment, security and others from the viewpoint of women in Cambodia.


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